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NYFW: Weekend Report - ADAM, Vivienne Tam, and Toni Francesc

Sunday, February 13, 2011

NYFW is kicking strong on the weekends, making it so wonderful to have Lincoln Center the new home for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week...SPACE for all the people!! I wanted to post some outfit recaps for you Embellishers since, if you're anything like me, you just love drawing inspiration from the creativity of others.

 Dolce & Gabbana Scarf
Urban Outfitters Romper  |  Swedish Belt
Steve Madden Ankle Booties  |  Express Necklace  |  Crazy Tights

I must say, I had quite a lot of fun with outfit #2! Mainly due to my creative concoction of my silk scarf. I'm not ever a scarf wearer, so I sadly have a few really cute scarves in my closet...including this Dolce & Gabbana...therefore I was desperately trying to find a way to wear my scarf...that still suited my style. And darlings, I believe I've found a new signature style!

*This is KEY: Always feel yourself darlings. Style is not style, if it is not yours. Trying to wear things just because they're trendy, will only look like you are wearing someone else's clothes*

Due to tired arms, my resting arm on the side of my head lead me to try my scarf tied sideways! But then I had all this tail excess that needed to go somewhere...and...since I love side braids...BINGO! I braided my scarf into my hair and I was instantly excited about the outcome. You see how fluid fashion is? Its a creative process; always moving.

Here were some looks from the beginning of the weekend. 
Things of note: I love the fun fur that pops up at Fashion Week! People have so much fun with where and how its worn (FYI the last guy pictured had fur popping out from under his collar!!) Trop cool!
I also love how nice the men look in the NYFW tents! I love an atmosphere that promotes clean, sophisticated dressing for men in an otherwise sloppy world.

I had a very successful day as far as fashion shows go as well! I was able to snag a seat to...

(and an After Party Invite too!)

But don't worry my dear...all in due time. For now I'm giving you a taste of the tents, but you will get the full Fall/Winter 2011 Analysis all too soon! Especially a recap of the shows I was blessed to attend! This much fabulous information can't possibly fit in one post though.

Stay tuned mes cheries!

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