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Blogging has Heart: Support Japan through Tragedy

Monday, March 21, 2011

The tragedy that has unfolded day after day in Japan has been unbelievable. As bloggers, everyday we set out to share a little of what we love with the world; forming friendships and discovering so much along the way. Blogging is a community that is driven by heart...not faceless corporations with agendas but real people with compassion.

Hearing of the tragedy in Japan was overwhelming, how do you even begin to make a difference for people so far away that need so much? I was so uplifted to see the blogging community reach out with their hearts the way they did. Friday, March 18th was a Blogger's Day of Silence in an effort to raise money for Japan.

Originally started by Ever Ours + Utterly Engaged HERE
For Japan with Love has grown exponentially and now has its own website.
Please join in helping Japan through 
this tragedy by going HERE

Every little counts.

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