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Toni Francesc: Fashion Show and After Party

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As I have escaped my Fashion Show daze and am doing my best to space out the shows for you, I don't want you to feel overwhelmed with the amazingness that was NYFW! After attending the Lincoln Center fashion show of Toni Francesc and then the fabulous After Party, I must say I had a ball!

Beautifully made clothing draped the runway for the fashion show, 
and then a lack there of...graced the after party!

This model's hair is breathtaking, she reminds me of a siren.

There were lots of beautiful Garnet silks used in Toni's line. 

This was my favorite jacket in the collection! 

I love pumpkin in Fall...wearing it, eating it, decorting it...doesn't matter. And this backless shirt/pants combo was to die for. Backless is my favorite surprise to pull...i.e. I need a shirt like this!

After a wonderful bow by the designer, Mr. Toni Francesc, my friend and I returned home to change for the after party downtown. 

Sometimes, you just know you're in New York City...but hey at least its a live saxophone!

I was sure to say hello Toni Francesc at the after party! I paid respects to his beautiful line, and told him I very much enjoyed it. Overall pretty epic night on the road to my fashion dream!
Fashion Show Invitation: Check!
After Party Invitation: Check!
Planning my own Fashion Party: One day...

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