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Weak U.S. dollar hits New York are fashion accessories

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weak U.S. dollar hits New York are fashion accessories that can jueiteul, United Kingdom and Europe to attract other buyers are expected to grow to U.S. retailers to provide opportunities for designers new to buy at Local.

American consumers, but prices on Lee reduction, food and gas and rising foreclosures on the face of tightening their budgets, some designers and analysts must be frustrating for the fashion industry was not the end.

"We in Europe have had feedback from buyers and editors, their hometown, so I suspect that the whole idea of using euros," Raul Melgoza, semi-annual fashion week in New York City Luca Luca, creative director general, news agency data. Melgoza Monday, his first collection for Luca Luca show.

The euro is worth approximately 1.41 U.S. dollars U.S. dollars British pound Monday, but hitting a year high against a basket of major currencies, but about building

1.75 dollars.

As foreign tourists in New York, followed by shopping in their euros, yen, Swiss franc and pound being improved, along with designers hope buyers from Europe and the United Kingdom Department.

Maria Luisa, Paris and London, the buyer sends a trendy fashion boutique in Paris, several young designers in his return to New York to see a final six-year break.

"The dollar is so low, it is interesting to go check," opened a boutique, also Maria Luisa and Hong Kong this year after the acquisition is in Qatar said Robin Schul.

"Time to do something big"

Despite the struggling U.S. economy, and above all, the designer shows this week in New York.

"This re-establish it when people do not forget," Fern Mallis, senior vice president, said the figure of fashion, New York Fashion Week runs.

"This is a huge biteuleul is time to do, people to talk about your work and less retail spending, tried to capture the dollars."

Beginners to create the impression of being intentionally, he said, was the premier designer Michael Angel Friday.

"But, of course, the buyer is very selective of what they are, whether you're buying at the same time, I do not know, I think it would be interesting," said the angel.

David Wolfe, creative director of Doneger Group, a meteorologist trends, new designers because of the weak dollar at home and abroad may be considered for more money to impress U.S. retailers, said the chances of

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