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Clothing DIY: Upcycle Your Tshirt

Monday, April 18, 2011

After waiting far too long for Spring to arrive, I had a clothing DIY weekend! Over the years I have acquired a large amount of fitted tees and rather than throw things away I was inspired to upcycle my tshirt. Fun as well as reducing my need to spend money shopping...win, win!

Here is a casual baseball long sleeve tee that was a gift of love...but it is just not my style. Here are some simple step by step rules for a clothing DIY overhaul for you:

1. Cut

Being scissor happy is Clothing DIY Guideline numero uno! Cut off the sleeves and sew the hem back (I decided to lave a trim of the navy blue along edge). From the sleeves, cut out as many ping pong ball sized circles as possible, then slit the circles all the way around. When you upcycle your tshirt you always want to try and use as much of the fabric as possible...hello? free fabric!

2. Embellish

Stack 3-4 circles at a time and hand sew them onto the shirt, place them close together so they gather. I placed mine strategically over the insignia branding the shirt, and then went from there.

Once all pieces are in place, ruffle them up by finger-combing them. Get them to stand up and look messy, this will create the wild flourish effect.

Et voila! Upcycle that tshirt into a clothing DIY dream! For either a casual look paired with these Anthropologie pants I've had waiting in my closet for Spring to arrive, or a flirty look like this Leifsdotter maxi skirt from Neiman Marcus.

Have you ever Clothing DIYed 
your wardrobe mes cheris?

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