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Diary of a NYC Fashion Internship

Friday, April 22, 2011

I have just finished my first week in my fashion internship at Seventh House PR and mes cheris it is so great to finally be working in my industry! I thought I would start a diary of sorts for my NYC fashion internship experience to give you some industry insight into a world I know you all have running through your hearts and minds. I remember growing up and dreaming of Vogue offices and runway shows, and how I was so desperate hungry for some pertinent industry information...of course at that time I did not have the luxury of blogs and an established internet to make up for the fact that I lived nowhere remotely near a fashion centered city. 

Diary of a NYC Fashion Intership Goal: To give you a  peak into the fashion industry and show you what its like to start from the bottom of the ladder in fashion. Its important to know if you are really cut out for the career you dream of, and I want to shed some light behind those fabulous closed doors so you have a little heads up. 

 Landing the internship: Thanks to Twitter, I was able to tweet my way into an interview with SeventhHouse PR and after it went really well, I was offered the internship which started right away.

What Do You Wear? With a business degree and having worked in a professional office environment for 5 years, the most interesting thing about this interview was the dress. Business 101 will tell you a suit is as essential as air for an interview...but this is fashion. The interview was a group style and some girls jazzed up their suits with color and fashionable accessories (moi!) and some girls were a little more casual and trendy with floppy brimmed hats, blazers with rolled sleeves, and black jeans. Both great options.

Job Responsibilities: For 3 months I will be happily running around town picking up samples from Women's Wear Daily, W Magazine, etc to return to our Seventh House showroom and team. There will also be prep for sample sales, and lots of other things! Not everything is as glamorous as you might think, but I will be here to report on the real side of the industry. Give you some real flavor!

Brands: Seventh House PR represent a broad range of designers from one of my favs, Charlotte Ronson, to eclectic lines like Manish Arora. Above is a dress from my favorite line in the showroom, Charlotte Deane, her dresses are flowy and ethereal, along with many leather pieces that are surprisingly full of movement and softness. Everything with mega amounts of detail.

This is our amazing Seventh House showroom full of beautiful things. I love walking through this room... aaahh

 Erickson Beamon jewelry is also run out of Seventh House which is a rock awesome jewelry line, this necklace in particular I totally want to own. They also make ornate chandeliers with studs and diamonds, and chains, oh my! There is such an array of style in our clients lines, it is a great way to be inspired!

More to come from the 
Diary of a NYC Fashion Intern, 
so stay tuned!

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