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The Naked Society Obsession

Friday, April 1, 2011

Naked, naked, naked. What are we to do. Society seems to demand it, although our conscience says, "Huh?". This society obsession with sex appeal is tantalizing, but where is the line? Here it is my darlings: nude...as in Covered Naked. Confused? Don't be.  The color nude, allows you to wear more and bear less, while appearing sultry and refined.

#1 Naked Shoes compliment ANYTHING.

{Christian Louboutin}

#2 The Naked Dress -- Carrie and Big were Epic for a reason.

#3 Naked Accessories. Why not top it off?

...#4...Well, you can't forget the Staple Naked Clothing: Trench Coat! Thank you Audrey.

{Burberry Prorsum}

So Naked is the Colour du Jour...not bad there could be worst. I think this is the perfect blend of streamlined classic, meets edgy sex appeal. Whether you flirt with accessories, conceal with cloaks, or walk all over it in sky-high stilettos, you are sure to dominate this trend, this Spring. Naked. And nothing but sexy!

What will you wear naked?

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