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Diary of a NYC Fashion Internship

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have been a busy bee working at my fashion internship for our upcoming sample sale! A sample sale consists of the samples that have been pulled by stylists, used in magazine photoshoots, or showcased at press weeks. But after a few seasons, things accumulate and that's when you guys get to cash in.

 It all starts with a crazy room full of samples that have to be brought to some sort of organization. And let me tell you, things get organized and merchandised and then moved and re-organized and re-merchandised like 4 times before it finally finds its home. (For example, this shelf right below no longer looks like this...at all).

The props have been my favorite part of merchandising all the display units, they are all vintage and about fashion, it doesn't get much better!

The sample sale room has jumped leaps and bounds by now, and walking into the showroom yesterday felt wonderful, like a real Chelsea boutique should look. As the final tweaks are made I'm hoping you fashionistas are making your plans to attend this amazing sample sale yourself SPOILER ALERT: there will be huge discounts on Charlotte Ronson, ISSA, Tony Cohen and more! This will be the first sample sale I have ever been to, and thanks to my fashion internship, also prepared by me as well. Very cool!

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