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I Can Pack for That: Miami - 4th of July

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well its finally the 4th of July and I hope you are all off to some excited places this long weekend! I will be celebrating here in New York City, but my mind I believe is off dreaming of sandy beaches and pina coladas a bit closer to the equator. Miami and its hypnotizing music and alluring scene would be a fabulous place to celebrate Independence Day don't you agree?!

As a Southern Bell myself, I must admit, as of late, I am jonesin' for some sweet tea, long beaches, and warm water to splash around in...oh to be able to travel right now. Well for those of you that do get to venture off to some exotic location I give you a little how to pack for a long weekend...Miami style!

I Can Pack for That: Miami

How would you pack for Miami my dearests?

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