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Pourquoi Pas? Dance with the Drama. Dare to be Fabulous.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The only thing keeping you from fabulous is fear. That's it. So rather than let fear hold you captive, why not dare to be fabulous? Push the envelope, or better jump off the cliff into all the daring creative sparkplugs of fashionspiration you have ever had. You have to dance with the drama to find any results, and I will tell you it is scary as hell, but in the end you are so fierce you will have those heads turning and mouths drooling. Guaranteed.

Here are some inspirational photos from Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing. If any pics give you an idea for your style...Write it down and then play with what you have to make it work.

Dance with the drama.
Dare to be fabulous.

embrace being unique.

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