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Savage Beauty: The Exhibit of Alexander McQueen

Friday, June 17, 2011

Spotted, on the steps of The Met, basking in the sun and ready to take in the beauty of her once beloved designer's collection, Blogger Girl is beaming in the beauty of The City in the summer... As promised my darlings, I am reporting back on the phenomenal Alexander McQueen Exhibit at The Met!

Savage Beauty is from start to finish my favorite fashion exhibit thus far. Alexander McQueen was a true visionary, an artist whose medium was clothing. Constantly pulling from all art forms for his fashion shows, he was notorious for Wowing his audience time and time again. Every collection was a complete 180 from the last. He was truly the darling of the fashion world and set the bar high as he ushered us in to the next century of style.

At The Metropolitan Museum of Art, between now and August 7th, you can explore the inner workings of Alexander McQueen up close and personal. I never thought in my life I would get to study his entire collection at one time, in one space...much less at all. But to see all the intricate folds, impeccable tailoring, and even a summary of the background of the collections was so inspiring. These are the things I dreamed of studying in my school classes, I'm so glad I get to study them for fun now!

{merci johnsimondaily.com for all exhibit photos}

{Merci The Cut}

I seriously cannot impress upon you enough how utterly amazing this exhibit is. If you are in New York this summer you simply must stop by and take it all in. And if you are, let me know!! I will definitely need to be booking time to see this again!

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