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Fashion Rule: Stay True to Who You Are

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In fashion, I'm a pretty big advocate for the school of thought, "When you find a rule, break it." Style is too personal to have every fad that graces the glossies apply to everyone. Generally, style is painting a portrait of who you are inside, for the world to see outside...and that may not always be the same picture. Some days I play the girly Sex and the City New Yorker, some days I subscribe to my laid back, music loving, Chuck wearing, weekender psyche. Fashion not only changes person to person, but within the varied moods and needs of each individual as well. 

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The one deviation from this principle is quite possibly the crux of why I'm so passionate about fashion. You must stay true to who you are. Fashion exists to be a personalized, wearable art. To find something that makes you feel good in your skin and shine as the unique individual you are. Whether that calls for wearing white after Labor Day, black with brown, or even socks with sandals (!!!) you. be. you. I once read, "Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken." I really feel it is as simple as that. 

Lately I've seen many of the fashion elite running around New York in silk scarves....but I just can't do it. I think I just have internalized that as a Mom Jean marker rather than the classic stigma I'm fully aware they carry. 

Here is the silk scarf in the current (and classic) fashion :

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I can completely agree this is a beautiful scarf, but every top I wear is generally low cut, so I have a hard time wearing things with a lot of fabric around the chest and neck without feeling frumpy. I do not know why...it just feels constricting. 

Here is how I wear a silk scarf:

It is still a classic silk scarf, Dolce & Gabbana no less, just with some added funk and flair...like me!

Fashion Rule: Stay True to Who You Are.

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