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Les Allures de Chanel: 2011 Chanel Couture 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sorry for the small absence mes cheris, life has been more than hectic lately and I'm just praying for a regular schedule again soon. But thank you for remaining faithful while I wind this crazy road called life!
Karl Lagerfeld just wrapped the 2011 Chanel Couture show: Les Allures de Chanel and alluring it was! Drawing inspiration from film noire and mapping through the life of Coco Chanel herself, Lagerfeld created a beautiful collection.

{merci style.com}

 Keeping with the traditional tweed suits but playing with proportion, 
many looks showcased a peplum skirt or some form of attention to the hips. 

 I really liked the throwback dresses that referenced the 1920's 
which also held a resounding theme in this collection. 

Karl Lagerfeld certainly displayed another creative collection of the Chanel tweed suits, and even though I'm one for change, I can appreciate the reworking of a fashion staple. The 2011 Chanel Couture show was magical don't you think?

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