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Fashionspiration: Afternoon Movie

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Went out for an afternoon movie with the roommates and saw Crazy Stupid Love. LOVED it, laughed so hard! Plus, can you really get any better than a buff Ryan Gosling either topless or suited up throughout the entire film? Je pense pas! 

Perfect for an afternoon movie is a relaxed, classic look. This is me doing a classic look...yes I meant what I said. I actually have my shirt tucked in, with a belt no less, my mother would be so proud ! Of course its with ripped jeans, platform wedges, and a vintage scarf wrapped around my head but hey beggars can't be choosers! This is as close as I get.

And in a stunnah pose for the back shot, otherwise you just feel awkward...or like you're in timeout. I just got these wedges and the belt this weekend, so wearing them in ASAP was vital. obv.

Sugar Tarte lace top
Forever 21 jean shorts
STEVEN wedges
vintage scarf
Buffalo Exchange thrifted belt and bag

What is your afternoon movie ensemble?

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