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J'adore Paris

Friday, September 11, 2009

My favorite moment when I go to Paris is the first time I see the Eiffel Tower peek over the buildings and trees! It's the moment you know you have arrived.

In the metro; a very vital part of getting around Paris.
Everything you see in this window is made out of chocolate! Notre Dame, Statue of Liberty, even a dremil tool...What!?!
There is fog on my camera from how hot it was in Paris this day, but look how neat it framed the graffiti bus and wall! I love it.
More graffiti...it really adds character.
I promise I have not doctored this picture! You are now looking at my favorite place in France: Sacre Couer. It is the best place to sit and enjoy life. Can you really argue with me?

It was so nice to be in Paris again, there is so much inspiration here. Every corner brings new fun. I am sure there will be more to come this year from Hole in the Wall places that I find so stay tuned!

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