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Straight from the Streets

Saturday, September 12, 2009

There is something that I have come to notice I really love about France; there is such a variety in personal style. In America, style changes but everyone seems to go through the same changes together. In France, it seems anything goes which caters to an environment of creativity. Layering is big in the North due to the cold, but that makes each outfit all the more fun to find new ways to dress. I am excited for the nip in the air, to see all the looks it will bring!
A layered look on a sunny day in Paris which can be paired with jeans in the winter. Also there were a lot of shorts with cropped leggings to accommodate the brief warm spell.
I love this woman's dress, such a beautiful brown and perfectly paired with a pop of yellow. I also love the vintage bowling bag style to her purse.
This lady was actually not modeling for me, although the composition seems perfectly staged. I was trying to get the shot with her and the carousel and she happened to tilt her head into the warm Parisian sun at the moment I snapped the shot. Parfait!

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