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Key to My Heart

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My friend has recently become obsessed with the new Tiffany & Co. Skeleton Key Collection. In honor of the upcoming trend I thought I'd showcase some awesome Skeleton Key trinkets for you to get your hands on!
I love this steampunk layered necklace. *Photo compliments of t8designs*
I love statement rings in general, so I would love to have a skeleton wrapped around my finger! *Photo compliments of dmfSparkles*
Guys can even get in on the trend in a rugged man kind of way! I've had my eye of this key cuff for quite sometime, if only I had a man to buy it for, I'd be all over it...and him once he was wearing it! *Photo compliments of UrbanHeirlooms*
And of course I always save the best for last. This absolutely one-of-a-kind tie was so awesome I could not believe it! Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is actually a Skeleton Key Necktie!! I would love to see a guy wearing this. This would be the perfect way to be fashionable, manly, and HOT all at once. *Photo compliments of ToyBreaker*

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