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Music is What Feeling Sounds Like

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I love music for its sole ability to speak directly into your soul. I am a huge music lover, and I am always surfing iTunes and other sources to find new music. Every once in a while I hear a song that hits my core and that happened to me when I heard this song by Kate Voegele. I have heard her stuff before (and actually already own 2 of her songs) and always loved it, I don't think she has gotten the mega-press she deserves. Regardless, I thought I should share this.

I think all of us have had that special person in our life, that we see so much potential in to be this amazing person, and we love them completely for that among many other things. But sadly if we're not careful we fall in love with the person that we WISH THEY WERE. I know I have had my heart broken from this situation and I was immediately brought back there when I heard this song. It has great emotion, truth, and melody...enjoy.

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