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Learning Lille

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today has been an interesting but exhausting day! I had a 6-7 course dinner where everyone spoke French the whole time! On top of all that translating, I test drove my car for the first time. Did I mention it is a stick shift...and I've only driven a stick one time before today! Therefore, today was extremely overwhelming. I am finding myself dead tired every night and even though I get a full night's sleep, I'm working so hard all day that I pass out again at night. I will overtime talk about all the differences in Europe to the US which should be interesting and a little funny. Until then here is a quick tour of Lille, the 4th largest city in the North of France. Enjoy!
The fountain at the center of La Grande Place in Lille.
Beautiful bell tower and opera house of Lille. All the buildings here are so gorgeous. Every corner brings a unique building. Europe has the best architecture!
There is a lot more graffiti here, as I talked about in my recent post. I love the edginess it gives the traditional buildings.
Classic little European car..everything here is smaller, some might say pocket-sized!
The perfect way to spend an afternoon: reading by the fountain. The French way of life is interesting to adjust to, it is much more relaxed. Its nice but at the same time I wonder when people get things done! haha!

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