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GlobeShopper Spotlight: Mathilde

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

During my travels, I love discovering new, unique boutiques, and Stockholm was of course no exception. From the country that gave the world Ikea and H&M can you really be surprised that there are so many good shopping opportunities?
Therefore, I introduce to you Mathilde. I feel it has a similar essence to maybe Anthropolgie, and its that same eclectic vintage feel that will make me fall in love with a store over and over again.

The decor among the merchandise in this store allows the consumer to dream, it is a nice place to escape among beautiful things. Did you notice the glass building, housing cute housewares? Love it.

This poster sums up my feeling about life. "The world is like a book. He who stays at home reads only one page." There are so many places to see, people to meet, cultures to experience. We have been giving so many great opportunities for adventure in this world, don't waste them, become consumed by them!

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