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Casual Wedding Gowns Photos Idea

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bridal designers are adorning wedding dresses with bows, fabulous bows as a feminine alternative to crystals and ruffles this season. They evoke a fun and whimsical look and are being used as a focal point, embellishment, or scattered across gowns for a more carefree look. This is a beautiful and more casual way to adorn a wedding gown.

The best part about the casual wedding dress is that they can be worn again rather than packed with mothballs and left to molder in a closet somewhere until twenty years later your daughter or daughter-in-law has to gently break it to you that she can't wear your dress because she has her own ideas on what her dress should look like. Your wedding dress doesn't languish in the corner like a relic; you can wear it again and again to restaurants, on that cruise you and your husband take for your fifth anniversary, to your son's christening, wherever and whenever you do you're reminded of the most special day of your life.

You can still have your wedding in a church if you feel a need to include a religious ceremony aspect to it and you can wear the same casual wedding dress there as well. Granted your wedding isn't a time to skimp on prices because it's not like you're going to have another one, but think about how much more inexpensive it would be if you have a tight budget to buy a more casual dress. The really important thing is that your wedding dress tells everyone who you are, be it princess style or a peasant blouse over a gypsy skirt. Express yourself, this is your day; don't let anybody tell you, you have to be formal with it. If you're uncomfortable, it will show, be yourself and you will be even more radiant than any thousand dollar dress can make you.

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