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Decade Countdown: 2008

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We rapidly learned how bad our economy had gotten in 2008 as "Bailout" became a commonly heard term. Historic campaigning begins for the next presidency as the country is a little too eager for a replacement in leadership. The first woman and African American to securely have a shot at the next head seat made us truly feel progress. Michael Phelps astonished the world with a perfect Olympic record! Differing lifestyles take the front pages, as Lohan decides to date girls, and Ellen ties the knot with her girlfriend. With recession in full mindset words like Recessionista and Staycation became house rules, as we all adjusted to a more responsible way of living. We sadly said goodbye to a great actor, Heath Ledger and sat mesmorized at his last and best performance as the Joker. Green became the next big thing, as everyone everywhere was suddenly concerned with the planet: buying local, shopping organic, hybrid cars and the like. Not to mention, wearing shirts and bags that show off that fact in your life. And Twitter gave a new addict avenue to constantly tell people what is up in our lives.

Go Green.


Hail Caesar.

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