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Decade Countdown: 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

We started 2009 with a lot of hope, as we ushered in the country's very first African American president who was promising lots of change. News of the Swine Flu scared us all and we began searching for our next vaccination. The death of the King of Pop shocked the entire world, and we all sat in theatres lamenting the next era of Michael Jackson that would never be. News of the OctaMom leaves us confused while we search for other news on the newest craze of mini-notebooks. We learn more about Tiger Woods than the fact that he plays golf really well, and so do his many sponsors. We watch with a loss for words for how diluted Kanye West is, as he not only can't handle him losing but other celebs as well. Bravo Beyonce and Taylor Swift for remaining classy. News of Rihanna's abusive relationship surprises us, and Twilight continues to be a phenomenon as the second movie is a huge box office hit.


Peace and Love.




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