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A Polish Dream: Part II

Monday, February 8, 2010

I enjoyed learning about how much Poland has overcome in just the past few decades. The Polish People really have made quite a turn around, if you compare the communism oppressed Poland that was actually in our life time, to the now modern thriving city Warsaw is today; the difference is astounding. Here are some of my Warsaw highlights.

This is the symbol of Warsaw and I thought it was a very moving statue as well.
Although it made me think that if Starbucks ever had a sports team...
this would be there mascot!

Some nice parts of downtown Warsaw. In the center square there was a lot of activity going on, but nothing compared to this man with the wind up music cart. I really wish he had a real Capuchin monkey in a fez hat, but alas there was only a stuffed toy and a toy bird. Bummer.

Europe is filled with beautiful churches but I thought this full mural mosaic was really interesting. Mosaics have always interested me, I think its because it is an art I never tried to tackle, but for such a grand scale to actually make such a successful piece of art is amazing.

This alley way had the cutest European hostel which may have been sketchy on the inside but the entrance was awfully charming. Even included a little cafe table and chairs outside the front door for congregating.

More of the charming downtown.

I thought this was the perfect winter picture: bare tree in a winter sky. If I learned anything about Poland it is that it is the coldest place I think I have ever traveled so far. There is a reason them and the Russian's are known for fur coats and hats! Everyone was wearing them, and as they passed I was jealous of them all, they looked so warm compared to my little pea coat!

Where is the coldest place you have been?

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