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Fragile: Handle with Care

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Its easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone who will catch you."
~ anonymous

*photo compliments of Le Love Blog*

Valentine's Day has gotten me thinking about the many kinds of love from the deep to the unrequited and has re-sparked my thirst for lyrics. I penned this out in one breathe and will eventually bring it into fruition with a tune, but for now enjoy the musings of my mind in this tale of a struggle: to fall in love or to play it safe and not get hurt.


I will fall for you.
Its inevitable.
You are a catch, and I am all yours
Be careful with my heart because I am giving it to you.
Some say too quickly, but I can't help it...I am helpless around you.
I feel myself sinking deeper under your spell each day.
You don't even know you're doing it,
but I'm falling all the same.

Even though past experience should tell me to run in the other direction.
Even though my warning light is alarming me not to go any further.
I feel my moves are no longer up to me.
This is how I've been hurt before.
Too trusting, too hopeful that we're in the same place.
Yet I jump anyways, I risk my heart over and over.
Please be different.

I have gone so far out on a limb with my feelings,
Don't let me find myself there alone.
I have put hopes in you where I should be putting them somewhere sound.
And I still fall all the same.

What is it about you?
Why this, why that?
It is certainly the sum of all your parts.
The sum of things that cannot take words,
Yet fill my mind with chatter all day long.

You are in my thoughts,
all day long.
In morning and in night,
you are behind my smile.
Please don't soon be behind my tears.
I am scared for what my past dictates to me,
But can't deny my hopeful heart the chance, yet again, for love.
And so I fall,
I fall for you all the same.

~Jessica Kelly

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