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Fashion Rhymes with Passion for a Reason

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It is not hard to guess that I like fashion, in fact that might be the easiest thing anyone can learn about me, but to know the extent may take some understanding. I do not just love fashion because I think the things stylists throw on their celebrity's are pretty, I love fashion because ever since I was a little girl it has been a part of my soul; like music; like art. Because fashion IS art, and its the best kind of art; its wearable art. Art you get to touch, and swirl around in all day. Art you can save for special occasions of no particular importance that transform your day into a magical paradise.

I hate when people blame the fashion industry for our cultural problem with self image, because for me that was the very last thing fashion EVER was. Fashion gave me an opportunity to create; to express myself. It transformed me from a bubbly awkward teenager into a confidant woman, eager to learn and create new things to help transform the environment around me in a positive manner. And I think thats what fashion should be for everyone, no matter what your style happens to be, it should be your escape to the beauty that lies within your soul; mere fabric transposed into the tangible glimpse of the unique finger print that is who you really are.

*runway photos compliments of style.com*

I love fashion because I get chills up my spine as I gawk in awe of the intricate couture dresses I research online (or have been privileged to see in the Met Museum). The fact that a person can begin with something so flat and lifeless as fabric, and completely transform it into this being, this entity, that provokes such passion, is beyond my realm of vocabulary, in any language. I only wish to one day be able to have the skills to create such stunning works of art that can transform people's lives for the better, like some of my fashion idols have done. Just entertaining the thought seems impossible. But if I have learned anything in my limited experience thus far, it is to never doubt the doors that can be opened and the opportunities that God can bring you. Whatever mere musing you may ponder, is but a raindrop to the ocean of adventure He has prepared ready for you to embark upon. I've already been blown away with things I never thought I would be able to do, and I personally cannot wait to see where all this training, passion, and determination takes me.

What is your inexplicable passion?

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