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Write Me a Love Letter

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Write me a love letter
Sweep me off my feet
Hold open my door
Dance with me in the street

For whatever happened
To the days of waiting
The days when each moment
Was worth saving

So quickly we race
To the finish line
Passing the moments
That are frozen in time

*Taken from a song I've written*

*photo compliments of Dr.R on Flikr*

I cling deeply to the lost art of letter writing, isn't it funny that, that has become a lost art? Think of how often you write a letter, not for a holiday, but just to stay in touch with someone you know. Nothing can replace its value, or the joy it brings someone upon receiving it. I try to send letters out from time to time for this reason. In fact, my oldest friend has lived in Texas since we were 3 and we have written letters back and forth to each other since she moved. Of course at first it was more of a scribble and the help of our moms but we kept it up and now, she is still one of my best friends, and even though we chat regularly on Facebook, on the phone, and take turns visiting each other...we still write each other letters! It is so lovely to get mail, not a bill, but an actual letter that someone took time out of their busy day to pen their sentiments to you. And thank goodness for an official holiday to celebrate the romanticisms of times past.

A love letter is the Trump Card of all forms of communication. Nothing will send butterflies faster into flight then the wording from a special someone expressing their devotion to you. It is an ethereal form of communication, as it is tactile. You can hold the paper in your hand and feel the author's hands holding the same place, you can see where they were when their feelings took form, and nothing quite has the smell of paper put to better use, then that which ignites all our senses and the heart in an uproar of blissful emotion.

*photo compliments of Vas0707 on Flikr*

To write a good love letter, you ought to begin without knowing what you mean to say, and to finish without knowing what you have written. ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

This Valentine's Day, or any random day for that matter, take the time to tell the person on your mind, how you feel in the most intimate way. Write them a love letter.

Have you ever received a love letter?

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