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Create Love Laugh Giveaway

Monday, March 1, 2010

I just love dresses and the fact that at any given moment you can twirl and feel like a little girl again; full of dreams and possibilities. So naturally, when I saw this photo I was captivated, it absolutely embodies the essence of being Sugar and Spice and Everything nice. Create...Love...Laugh is an ethereal photography shop where you can be swept away in the possibilities of life. I caught up with Kimberly Creagan to learn more about her art, enjoy another inspiring artist for you guys all the way from Arizona.

1. What is your creative process?
Most of my inspiration is found in nature. I love the way light filters through trees or runs over cactus needles. Nature offers amazing patterns and textures that we base most of our compositional principles on. So, we are tuned to think nature is beautiful, and it is! I try to capture feelings in my work: feelings of nostalgia, feelings of beauty, feelings of warmth and light, feelings of comfort. In addition to landscapes, flowers, and beautiful outdoor environments, I'm also partial to old things, like metal watering cans and classic cars.

2. How did you get started?
I've always loved taking pictures, but this May I received my first DSLR camera for my graduation gift (I just graduated school with my Master of Landscape Architecture). It was instant love between my camera and I. I'm self taught and have pushed myself hard to learn. I've been drawing and painting since I was a child, so I think that helps with the artistic side of photography. I have another shop on Etsy where I started selling some of my art, http://kimberlycreagan.etsy.com, so when I got a good enough collection of photography starting a shop was a no-brainer. I'm also working on building my portrait portfolio and gaining more experience in that area.

3. If you had a super power what would it be?
If I had a super power it would be one of the following: - To fly because I'm scared of flying in airplanes but have family that lives far away. - To be able shoot chocolate love bombs at people. There's too much hate in this world, and who doesn't love chocolate?

4. Any extra tidbits?
hmmm...Because I love old things so much I also started a vintage shop on Etsy called Grandmas Fridge, http://grandmasfridge.etsy.com. It's a lot of work having three shops, but fun! If you are thinking about starting an online shop, I say go for it!

Good news Embellishers!
Create Love Laugh has teamed up with The Embellished Life to offer you all a giveaway!

Kimberly is offering a 5x5 print of one the following photos:

Coral Glow collection


Top of the World

This is a 4 day contest so comment while you can!

You each have up to 4 entries (4 comments total)

1. Visit Create Love Laugh and comment on your favorite pic
2. Tweet this giveaway (Tag @fashiondiva304) and comment the URL below
3. Be a follower of The Embellished Life
4. Be a fan of Embellished on Facebook HERE

Contest ends Friday March 5th at Midnight (NYC time)

Also don't forget to stop by all of Kimberly's stores:
Kimberly Creagan Art & Illustration
Grandma's Fridge Vintage Finds

Bonne Chance Mes Cheries!

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