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Its London Baby

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well London Fashion Week certainly came and went in a whirlwind of colors and ruffles and now its time to review the left over glitter on the runway. *As always thank you Style.com for your great coverage of all the fashion shows for wonderful blog content.*

Arabian Nights.
Ok, So I pretty much hate Harem Pants, and Jodhpurs, I feel they do no justice to any woman whether they are a size 2 or a size 12 but as it is a huge trend flowing through right now, and I did not want to leave you in the outs due to my bias. That said, this Vivienne Westwood Red Label look I am actually not hating which is saying quite a lot. Although, I still could not wear it myself, I love how the Urban Artsy look has been blended with School Prep so well.

A micro trend that I am super excited about are turbans! This look from Twenty8Twelve is so dreamy it just places you right in a modern day version of Casablanca! It has been seen on the likes of Kate Moss and the runways of Prada for a couple years but after seeing the trailor for the next Sex And The City Movie (so excited about that btw), I feel it can finally really take off.

I was captivated by this Matthew Williamson number. The duplicated pattern pulls your eye through the whole piece and the drapes sweep you back up to the top creating a constant movement (thanks art classes) which will also be mimicked in the fact that is is a flowy silk dress that will make you feel breezy as well. Plus pair this with thick leggings and a subtle fitted long sleeve shirt underneath and you have a lovely transition into those colder months.

I think this feminine suit by Richard Nicoll would make for the perfect Hump Day outfit. Something structured enough to still remain serious at the office but soft and feminine gearing you up for the approaching weekend.

Going along with Harem type pants, I also don't like paper bag waists for the same unflattering reason, but Roksanda Ilincic has found a way to take this technique and leave me yearning for it in my closet. How brilliant is the paper bag top? So flowy and feminine and in juxtaposition to the structured pencil skirt it will keep just the right balance of sexy and refined.

Building Up.
Vivienne Westwood Red Label, as always, does a great job with showcasing color and this season was no exception. Look for building your wardrobe from the shoes up with lots of changing colors. Don't forget, as socks are big right now, that they are a fun way to add pizazz to any outfit. Also, this large wrap belt is springing up everywhere but it always makes me think of one of the signature pieces of the charming Southern Belle Carol Hannah.
Jonathan Saunders has still added some ombre dye in his line which is nice and subtle and rocked out with some graphic inspiration.

I was very interested in this piece by Marios Schwab. I like the colors and the fabric, but I think what I like most is the hint of a print on the bodice juxtaposed to the busy print of the skirt, and the nice pleating into a box neckline is quite nice.

I couldn't leave London without mentioning Mark Fast, for one very honorable reason. Fashion gets often quite a bad rap for creating one too many eating disorders and that is a shame, because in an industry based on creating such beautiful things there should be only an environment of uplifting love resting around it. Fashion has always been my happy place, and it should be that way for everyone. Mark Fast has always placed plus sized models down the cat walk just like the 0% body fat girls, an although I don't think his designs really suit their body type best (although any of the other outfits in this post would) I feel the statement he is making about beauty is so important and so true.

"Beauty is everywhere and in everyone. It is not limited to a size 2, it is not limited to one trend per season, it rests inside us and we all should daily share that beauty with the world. This is our responsibility for making the World a better place, find your unique beauty and let it shine."

~Jessica Kelly

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