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Why Not Me?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is it with women, (including myself, guilty as charged)? I was watching one of my all time favorite movies last night, When Harry Met Sally, and there is a scene that got me thinking. Why is it that, as women, no matter how "over" a relationship we are, when one of our exes gets engaged you can't help but wonder...Why not me? You could have had all the time and closure in the world, yet somehow you still manage to wonder this. I don't get it, if you logically think about, if this guy was to propose to you, you would still say no, still be completely sure that you're not supposed to be with this guy.

*thank you xanga for the pic*

What is it about someone from our past moving on that is so hard to grasp? I think it is a mixture of habit. This is a person you used to have serious feelings for. You trained yourself for a long time to dream of a future with them; to love them. Then, once things were over you had to retrain yourself to feel the opposite. Its a hard cycle, and a cycle that I feel that gets slightly jogged when this unexpected event occurs. Also, this engagement solidifies an end to any future you may have been holding on to with this person. Be it any level of the subconscious it is never a fun feeling, only confusing.

What is it?

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