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French Fashion

Friday, April 23, 2010

French Fashion - How to Dress Like a Stylish French Woman

Whether you want to learn how to achieve a chic French fashion style because admire and want to dress like them or if you just want to avoid looking like a tourist when traveling in France, these tricks will help you achieve your goal:

Focus on yourself and not the trends

Wear clothes and accessories that suit you, such as your body shape, face shape, height, colors and personality. Do not get too caught up on what's the latest rave on the catwalk. Before adding a trend detail to your wardrobe, examine it first from a neutral point of view and determine if it will complement your personal style. If it doesn't, then drop it! French fashion revolves around bringing out the best in your appearance and disguising the parts you don't like.

Less is more

French women like to accentuate what they've got. Like for example, they use colors to bring out a healthy glow in their complexion or accessories to draw attention to the parts they like about themselves. The trick is to for example keep the color or detail on one part of your body instead of scattering it all over your outfit.

Neutral colors
French fashion is about versatility, so you should embrace colors that are easy to mix and match, such as black, dark brown and white/cream. If you're wearing a bright colored red dress then you should balance it out with a simple black belt, black tights and black blazer.

Clean, crisp lines

French women know that they don't need the flashiest clothes to look good. They focus on wearing tailored and fitted garments that follow her womanly curves.

Wear a scarf

Add a finishing touch to your outfit with a scarf. Tie it firmly around the neck and let the end hang graciously over your chest or wear it loosely around your neck for a casual-chic look.

Wear oversized sunglasses

A very French fashion thing is to disguise your eyes to create a mysterious and sexy image. A pair of oversized sunglasses in black or tortoise brown are a favorite choice because they project this glamorous and sleek style without looking over the top.(EzineArticles.com)

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