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Fashion and the City

Friday, June 4, 2010

After 6 seasons and 1 movie of style domination the girls are at it again, bringing out all the stops to pop up trends around the world for the next fashion season. I was happy as I left the theatre, I won't give any spoilers but I will say, although not as good as the series this movie was better than last and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That said, there was one thing that bothered me, everyone watches these girls now for fashion and the creators have come to the point where the try to hard.

Although the movie was full of great outfits that I just loved, for every 1 outfit I adored there were 2 that I hated. I think Patricia Field is a genius costume designer who has always brought a great sense of style to the series but a good part of the movie was borderline cheesy, each girl had to flaunt a constant array of designers and was consistently out of place. Even in the desert of the United Arab Emirates they managed to somehow find it practical to be in evening dresses and heels? Don't get me wrong I am a stiletto addict, but I know they have an appropriate time and place, and marching through sand is when you choose your new gladiotor sandals, not your Manolo's. In addition, there were several moments where I questioned the age appropriateness of the outfit choices. Each of the women are at the least in their forties and they are wearing flaunty outfits of the twenty year olds. Giving credit, this was briefly addressed in one scene, but it still felt a tad out of place. But enough about that, here are the pieces I loved (and could scrounge up an image for you):

*thanks elle.com*

I have been rocking my own turban look this Spring, and am loving the Middle Eastern flair!

*thanks screencrave.com*

*merci weheartit*

From tiara headbands to stilettos, I still love all that glitters!

*thanks baltimoresun.com*

My all time favorite thing about the middle east is the abundance of mouth watering color. Their fabrics are stunning, and the best inspiration for any seasons wardrobe!

*merci brisbanetimes.com*

As appropriate with our lovely warm weather, it was fun to see a little skin. The cute belly shirt with capris was a nice nod to the olden days, and I might just give it a shot myself. Although, I must admit, I've always felt uncomfortable wearing belly shirts, like I'm trying to put myself on display or something?

What was your favorite outfit in the film darlings?

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