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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top Designers Fashion Looks For Fall 2008

New York Fashion Week unveiled several attractive and unique designer clothing collections that will inspire a wardrobe update this season. Many styles and trends from 2007 are disappearing to give way to futuristic chic style, flared skirts and pants, and even a few Old Hollywood inspired ruffles on dresses and gowns. Are you ready to give your wardrobe a Fall makeover? Here are some of the top designer fashion looks for Fall 2008:

Fall 2008 Designer Trend: Menswear Inspired Pants

Tight-fitting pants for suits were paired with loose fitting jackets and tailored shirts for designers Burberry and Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week. Try these with a long vest, loose-fitting blouse or short jacket for the complete look.

Fall 2008 Designer Trend: Purple Dresses and Skirts

Purple makes a comeback for another season, but this year calls for deep royal hues that can add an extra-glamorous touch. Purple is an elegant and powerful color that will work for suits, gowns and dressier ensembles this season. Designers Derek Lam and Bottega Veneta featured several attractive pieces in this royal shade at New York Fashion Week.

Fall 2008 Top Designer Trend: Plaid Cardigans

It's the season for oversized cardigans and sweaters, but make sure yours is a plaid knit. Plaid is making a comeback in a variety of colors, and designers including Thakoon and DKNY served up skirts, cardigans and cropped jackets at New York Fashion Week.

Fall 2008 Designer Trend: Floral Print Gowns

Christian Dior and Derek Lam presented a number of unique floral print gowns and skirts on the runways of New York Fashion Week, and it's a flattering look for nearly any body type. Floral prints in bold and vibrant colors are a great way to brighten up those dark and gloomy Fall days ahead.(http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sabah_Karimi)

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