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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dressed For Success - Work at Home Fashion & Professionalism

Last week, I spent most of my days running errands, out and about town doing business, attending meetings, and accomplishing a lot of 'stuff' which absolutely had to be done. None of it was glamorous, but all of it was necessary. As I ran into people around town I passed out my card, gave away links to the community website, and offered ideas for business startups online. These are things I do regularly around my community. Most people here know I work from home, and understand the dynamics of the lifestyle.

But... there was that moment when I ran into an old classmate, and I felt like a dweeb from nana land. But, wait, I was wearing the latest fashion, at least according to my daughter... Jeans, flip-flops, and a spiffy tee shirt with cap sleeves and an oversized button-up loose in front like a jacket. My hair was even combed, and in Colorado winds, that is a feat near impossible.

So, I came home to explore the fashion world of work at home mom's.

I found pajamas, slinky, sexy, and rather risqué, but they did look rather enticing after a day of running errands. Foot massage anyone?

Jamma pants and tees, looked rather cozy and stylish for working from my den, although I didn't think they looked appealing for the trip to the auto shop to pick up my no-longer ailing car. Perhaps, something more austere?

Then without even a keypunch delay, I located sensible fashions, stretchy pants, over blouses, and comfy shoes... and quickly passed them by.

I went to search my closet for appropriate day wear, since I still had more errands to run. I found dress up slacks in tones of 'dark' and blouses, shells, and sweaters galore, but not a single fashionable thing hung in my closet. I looked again, and there hidden behind last winter's sweatshirt and jeans, I spied a pink sundress, just waiting to be worn. I pulled it out and pulled it on. It still fit, after the winter... Amazing!

There I stood in my pink sundress, yellow, orange, and red painted daisies splashed all over it, and the need for a jacket? I stared at the closet, until I spied a yellow button up with cap sleeves and a rounded shirt tail. It worked great as a jacket. The flip flops that caught my eye were pink with a yellow flower snuggled between the toes, and itty bitty heals that gave me just enough lift to be dangerous. I popped my hair into a ponytail, it's finally grown out enough, tied it with a pink sash and went back to running my errands with a wicker shoulder tote, my business cards confined in a small gray case inside.

After a day of running the same kinds home fashion of errands I'd run the day before in my frumpy jeans, I realized, I get the same amount of work done, and I'm just more comfortable looking frumpy. But sometimes dressing up and going out makes you feel really good.

If you're staying home all day, working behind a computer, in the garden, and in various other daily tasks, you often need comfy clothes that are stylish, and easy to wear. Consider a seasonal change now and then to pep you up, but remember you still have to get the job done. Be comfy.(http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jan_Verhoeff)

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