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Joyeux Anniversaire

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a Happy Birthday to me today! I find as I am getting older that with each birthday I can evaluate where I am in life and measure myself up to my goals thus far. This year is a hard one to assess, am I where I thought I was going to be? No. I am happy with where I am? Yes. Am I content to stay where I am? Absolutely not. So, I am very proud for stepping out and literally turning my life upside down to come live in France for a year. I have learned a lot, more than just the language I set out to learn. I have expanded my knowledge of culture, cuisine, people. I have learned how different people are, and at the same time; exactly alike.


For today I have been saving an American Funfetti Birthday Cake to eat with my friends, and I am very excited! I will probably be seranaded in a Joyeux Anniversaire/Happy Birthday Duo, and there will be more of a grand occasion with champagne and good French wine. I had a Frenchman yesterday explain it to me perfectly, "Like Americans the French only use champagne for Grand Occasions, but the French just happen to find more Grand Occasions!" I love that. I will give it to the French, they definitely have the Joie de Vivre thing down pat!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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