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Electricity & Butterflies

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finding someone is an interesting feeling that can be described in so many ways. Your mind is consumed by only thoughts of them, and your stomach is trying desperately hard to function regardless of all the added butterflies and knots that have taken up permanent residence.


What even causes this? Why do some people send electricity up and down your spine with just one touch, one look, while others will forever remain perfectly platonic? Even in friendships why is it that you can click with some and chat for hours about nothing and be perfectly amused while others you are pulling teeth for conversation?


These invisible forces that pull people to you, like magnets connecting your souls, are indescribable and mysterious and oh so good. Fate is predictable in only one way; that it always surprises you. You may have everything planned and set in stone and out of nowhere a tornado picks up your house and you find yourself no longer in Kansas, no longer in any place called home, yet you are hypnotized by the vibrant new color of life. Do me a favor mes cheries, allow yourself to go there. Take everything fate throws at you and run with it. Life is too precious and too short to play safe and sit on the sidelines, get in the game and go for the gold, and let the butterflies carry you there.


Who had your stomach all in knots darlings?

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