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Grazie Firenze

Monday, August 9, 2010

Introducing Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and officially my favorite city on my Italian vacation. Enjoy your own tour of Firenze and let yourself dream a little at your office desk today darlings.

Famous for Brunelleschi's Duomo and it definitely doesn't leave you in want of anything. The city centers around it and is easily accessible to anything on foot. The Duomo is interesting to climb, when you reach the stairs for of the actual dome you quickly learn that it is a dome inside a dome and the stairs you mount lie in the center of the drum! This is easily the most awkward monument staircase I've climbed. You feel like you are climbing straight up a wall because its so steep, but totally worth the climb. If you ever visit Florence, don't leave unless you climb the Duomo!

Florence is known for its influence on the Renaissance, and this spirit is still very much alive in the city. Beautiful sculptures and inspirational artwork are all around the city. From sidewalk art to Michaelangelo's David your eyes never have a break from beauty.

Florence is known for its leather and gold. You get a great selection of these goods in the open air market leading up to the town center, but if you want the good stuff you go to the actual manufacturer store. Your purchase will be certified and warrantied. I only got a small trinket, but its such a cute coin purse that I was still excited. And every leather purchase includes a free gold gilding of your initials!

Whether you are walking the streets, people watching on church steps, or chatting with fellow patrons at a local pizzeria you will just love the contagious zest that Florence has in abundance. Italy was a fantastic trip that I truly did not want to end, but as vacations tend to do that, I know I will be inevitably be returning because this land is magnetic.

Do you have Firenze Fever mes cheries?

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