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Fashion 101: Our Stylish Ancestors

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A recent trip to Ellis Island had me overflowing with historic inspiration... As you may know fashion history (like fashion present) is something I really love. Something I always take away from museums and historic sites are the costumes of all the different places and times. The patterns, the colors, the culture of each time period that dictated the dress. It is so fascinating.

I can't even imagine the hope Lady Liberty must've given after being on a boat, miserable, forever, to finally feel free to live the life you dream. Walking these halls was awe inspiring. Most Americans can trace their lineage back to family that came through Ellis Island to settle here. I am one of them. Part Norwegian and part Irish I have many family members that checked in...and I was even able to find their names!

I've always loved vintage luggage, the main lobby is the room where all the belongings of the immigrants would be setting while they registered their families in the country. 

The few clothing displayed in the museum is what really got me. Attention Upper East Siders looks like your boots borrowed the fabulous style of 1906 Bohemia... good to know there's a little Cinderella in every walk down the runway. And how chic is this doctor's bag this woman is sporting? I really am on the hunt for one myself, it is my favorite closure for a bag... a bit hard to find since its not a fad right now.

Have you checked in at Ellis my dears?

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