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Fashionspiration: Alexander McQueen Does it Again

Monday, March 28, 2011

As I shopped Fifth Avenue yesterday to try and forget the fact that New York is STILL cold, I was stunned by Alexander McQueen...as always. I road the escalator up to Shoe Mecca at Begdorf Goodman, where the receptionist is Christian Louboutin, the manager is Jimmy Choo, Sales Lead Fendi, and Creative Director Manolo Blahnik!

As I circled the floor (and every other) in a fashion daze, I was in awe of a masterpiece. Alexander McQueen has a shoe on the market that is like taking sculpture for a walk! Can you believe the artistry that has gone into this creation? I must say I grow more and more enamored with Alexander McQueen with every passing season. And although I may wonder the wearability of such a shoe...I must tip my hat to this nod to true artistry. Bravo!
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