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Indian Fashion Industry

Monday, March 7, 2011

India's fashion

is rich and diverse culture and rich cultural heritage of India varied. People in this country, different religions and cultures, each its own kind of follow suit.

What is the religious culture of the limited types of saris in India, regardless of the most traditional way. While some,

salwar kameez

has contributed to the small numbers, but. Changes in fashion trends, some of which were traced to Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations. Over time, the globalization and Westernization, and the fashion industry through a variety of styles and trends.

Over the years a great change styles and trends, the traditional Indian sari, was still left in the attention. Western clothing in the fashion world charm, elegance and wealth kept. It's a woman, the elegant beauty and sensual look at the power that such a dress. To change all that fashion,

sari and sari fabric

used to design the style of wearing will change. Today, Indian saris are available in a range of fabrics and designs. Some of the common types of fabric can be cotton, silk, crepe, crepe, georgette, chiffon, polyester and can be synthesized. These types of mirrors, Zari, embroidery and kundan sari in India's beauty and variety of decorative and sculptural decoration are noticeable.

All the state of our country's own kind of self education and the design is. Even now, and the richness of the cultural heritage of other regions, these traditional forms are eternal acceptance. Some of these people bandhani, Patola, Guajarati weaving, Chanderi, Maheshwari, gadwall, Kota Doria, phulkari, Lucknowi, Banaras weaving, Kanjeevaram, Conrad temples and relics, baluchari and is paithani.

Salwar kameez dress is popular in India

. Peonjabeugwa tend to dress in the United States of Kashmir has occurred. Gradually, the length of this trend and a new style, grace, and distribute a wide range of countries. Today, many varieties and types of salwar kameez fashion market, the influence of western culture, some jungyeotdaeuro, some of which can still maintains traditional beauty. As sari, salwar kameez and a variety of fabrics and embellishments are also available.

In the current generation, in Western culture largely influenced by the style of the Indian Association. The perfect blend of modern and traditional styles of the day marked the western Indian fashion world. Kurti short top or jeans, pants or churidar along with features, this form of fashion. Some have even added a stolen or scarf, they are short and elegant touch of India's oteulro.

It comes in men's fashion, traditional kurta pajamas are still in the picture. Many materials, design and decoration of clothing design, but changing fashion trends and was used for synchronization. Westernization of fashion jeans, trousers and codrois introduced. Whether the materials and colors will change over time. What has been the new, is always welcome, but even today the people of the designer kurta pajama kurta or dhoti for special events and festivals, adding his own unique charm and elegance may have a extra.

Inidan fashion influence of western culture, but people are unique and beautiful fashion styles and trends in India are attracted to the boundary. India's apparel is a great influence on the international fashion world.

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