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The fashion trends for Spring 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

"Real" women everywhere fashion trends for spring 2011 will be a welcome change. In contrast, only twenty flight clothing size large, designer-friendly figure figure dressed in a variety of materials and rich colors you've decided to show forgiveness.

With some modifications, these styles can be easily incorporated into any outfit.

Trend 1: full-cut briefs

Past few seasons, designers like Marc Jacobs, declined to question 70. This time around, boho - instead of a hippie influence, we have the 70s movie "Ice Storm," Get the Look. Absolutely I think pant suits made in suburban Connecticut, as

These pants, low cut waist, slung jeans after more than 10 years to see more outstanding, followed an incident in mid-high thong is showing. This is welcome, as well as changes in diet, without the possibility of eliminating muffin is topreul.

Hidden in the work of finding a simple and elegant blouse and a thin strap and wedge heels to wear this style.

Trend 2: Maxi dresses

What could be easier than a long piece of material? Today species, such as thin but not too tight, NJ creates drapey fabric.

Like all other details to calculate it. Hawaii to avoid "Three's Company," Mrs. Roper shows that, in order to prevent or paisley prints. Soft mint green: instead of white - the colors of spring all the action and select the number of solid colors.

Trend No. 3: Pajama Dressing

Well, it's literally what some fashion designers and editors trend.

Obviously, when I wore trousers high fashion, we are sick at home most of the burden on the gown, tied at the waist and boxy shirts. However, based on an increase in the production of cashmere or silk pants in one case, a haircut or a thin coat and dark colors such as navy or black, it whispers.

While I looked like satin nightgowns, dresses, also were shown. As all of this fashion trend, perhaps the most dangerous. If you work in a creative field, perhaps surprisingly, the appearance will attract staff to come to work wearing clothes.

trend No. 4: bold colors

Toes, orange, blue, neon orange, black and white, pairing a lot of her clothes and head to the stable this style of wearing designer had models on the catwalk. The result was a fresh approach neutral basis, most of us, we will update your wardrobe.

Another method used to color this season, was the use of fingerprints. Fruit prints motto was used as a seaman band style. The trend of mixing stripes with floral prints proved to be strong and continue to be printed. Held in the same color family, this combination can be used.

These trends are a little bit with it the promise of spring. Designers of the night and the silhouettes are eternal present of the season can be a variety of clothing worn by the economy seemed to respond. Investment dressing can be made public eventually, three thousand dollars is not $ 150 cashmere sweater bag easy to carry money throughout the year

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