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Lessons in Seduction: French Lingerie Sexy Expertise

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You always hear of French Lingerie when you are talking about seduction...in fact you always think of the French when you are thinking of something sexy. Pourqoui? Well maybe because they have that game down pat.

The French lingerie label Aubade is famous for their advertising campaign Lecons de Seduction, AKA Lessons in Seduction...oh so now it makes sense, the whole culture takes regular lessons on the art of seduction. That explains a lot !

Enjoy the French lessons in seduction, as well as an intro into the art of fine lingerie.

Lesson #23 Play innocent 
Lesson #3 Place some obstacles in his path.

 Lesson #68 Irritate his friends
Lesson #98 Cause a spark

 Lesson #57 Distract the adversary
Lesson #25 Play Hide and Seek

 Lesson #15 Know how to tell him no.
Lesson #21 Keep a distant air

Lesson #38 Pose a metaphysical problem for him
Lesson #41 Practice Black Magic

 Lesson #42 Create dizziness and palpitations
Lesson #71 Banter with love

 Lesson #101 Ask for his hand, then the other.
Lesson #108 Wrap him around your little finger.

The Aubade Lessons in Seductions are quite the trademark, and as a marketing professional I must say, job well done. The French most definitely have cornered the market on sexy lingerie for decades if not more...hmm I wonder how that started...I believe I may have a Fashion 101 soon on the history of lingerie! How exciting?! My favorite Aubade lessons are 3, 25, and 41...

What is your favorite Lesson in Seduction?

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