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Fashion 101: Goodbye to a Legend - Elizabeth Taylor

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It was a sad day yesterday, as the world said goodbye to the very last Hollywood Golden Age Legend. Elizabeth Taylor, dangerously curvy, fashion icon, died at 79 from heart failure that had her hospital bound many times in the last 7 years. Known for her many (8) marriages, to the likes of Nicky Hilton (Paris's grandfather) and Richard Burton, among others, she stayed very much in the public eye up until her death.

Setting the stage at 12 as a child star in National Velvet, Elizabeth's violet eyes, and talent transitioned her into great MGM roles as she grew...grew in to a curvacious sex bomb.  But MGM had yet to recognize this Golden Age Legend potential. Her first major movie was the original Father of the Bride in 1950.

She continued making many movies that she was not happy with, but MGM refused to cast her in anything higher. Finally she co-starred in Giant with James Dean in 1956 and her stardom catapulted. Her next 4 films were repeatedly Academy Award Nominations for Best Actress: Raintree County, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly, Last Summer, and finally winning for Butterfied 8.

By the time Cleopatra rolled around, Elizabeth Taylor was the highest paid actress, signing a one million dollar contract...two million after overtime...in 1960! This is when she began her scandalous infidelity with co-star Richard Burton. Later Burton would become her long time husband, as well as co-star in a total of 8 movies. One in which she received her 2nd Academy Award, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Elizabeth Taylor had a passion for jewelry and was known for her fair share of opulence...including the 33.19 carat Krupp Diamond and the Cartier 69.42 carat Taylor-Burton Diamond. Oh and did I forget to mention the 50 carat La Peregrina Pearl Burton gave Taylor for Valentine's Day...that originally belonged to Queen Mary I of England?...yeah. So it made perfect sense when, one of the first celebrity endorsed (and most successful) perfumes, White Diamonds, was born.

{Merci WeHeartIt for photos and Wikipedia for Timeline}

Goodbye to the last of Hollywood's Golden Age

Elizabeth Taylor
1932 - 2011 

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