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The way the front row at New York Fashion Week, Michelle Obama

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The way the front row at New York Fashion Week, Michelle Obama "eye"
Ms. Rogers, the publisher - U.S. Vogue, Anna Wintour, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, and Thakoon show on Monday as one of the chief guest on the first inch is also on Tuesday before returning to Washington Monday night to take place goeitneun stage show in New York Marc Jacobs plans

As social secretary, Mrs. Rogers, the official "party planner" and the White House state dinner, the Christmas party for all the functions, responsibilities, and fine-tuning the guest list.

It macheoreom Michelle Obama is also very aware of fashion. Their debut New York Fashion Week, her gray flannel trousers and a benefit to be cut ssanguiga Nina Ricky, Olivier Theyskens for the final collection of pink flowers on the jacket design was chosen.

That autumn / winter Thakoon Panichgul, 35, as shown from the beginning Speaking of waiting, was born in Thailand, one of the designers America as first lady, "Mrs. Rogers, it is important that support new art trends, including the government, and guide them personally. and Anna Wintour, fashion and they know the artists on the planet's most important and innovative will be notified of any doubt.

She chose the master jazz pianist, Eric Lewis, presented a live show has become known as the Donna Karan show ELEW together.

"I heard he recently played in Washington."

They might be appropriate for the first lady, if you have an eye for the project in question, she smiled and gave me a big kiss.

Ms. Rogers, 49, a prominent Chicago businessman, is a close friend of the family is one of Obama's team raising campaign funds. It is a Chicago millionaire, married to John Rogers, an old and a daughter studying at Yale University.

According to an interview with the HistoryMakers, a project of African-American oral history published last year, its motto is "Laissez les temps rouler are

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