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Pourquoi Pas? Swimwear for you Body Type

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why not get the beach bag ready for the sand and waves (or pool for any urbanistas) with swimwear perfect for your body type? Something that will give you the best Va Va Voom for your seashore stroll? After all its a stroll to meet your next beau n'est-ce pas?

Curvy Girl
You've got that hourglass Marilyn Monroe figure so use it chica! This Lanvin leapord print swimsuit is perfect to accentuate your bust while drawing that waist in and giving you that nice long curve around your posterior. There are also many options of similar swimwear with ample support for those ladies that need to keep the girls in, just remember the high waist is key for your body type.

Apple Bottom
You've got the junk in the trunk that all the guys like, so know how to work it in the sun! Generally women with wider hip areas tend to run straight for the boyshorts and skirted bottom swimwear, do NOT do this. You are actually cutting off your figure at the widest point. Instead, opt for a high cut bottom with a little more going on up top like this Missoni dream. Even better is getting a suit that is asymmetric which will really add interest. This Missoni is backless by the way...I just love that.

Triangle Diva
You've got the buff shoulders of Jada Pinkett Smith and a tiny waist to go with slenderer hips. Balance out your athletic body type by choosing a swimsuit with more going on at your hips. This Bantu suit has an amazing print that is bright and fun, but notice the design pulls your eye to the hips along with the excess fabric tied around the waist holding the gaze there? That's the power of illusion baby, enjoy.

Skinny Mini
You've got the figure of the magazines and can practically wear it all...congratu-freakin-lations...just kidding. But you may want to amp up some body parts, here's where the fun begins. You can choose the embellished swimwear with lots of extra fabric going on, wherever you want to "embellish" your curves. This L*Space Dolly Fringe swimsuit is so much fun since its bright orange and will keep moving with you!

Is your body type ready to rock
 the swimwear department?

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