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Work Hard, Play Hard: USA Networks

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm hopelessly tired from working 36 hours the last 3 days...on my feet! Work hard, play hard is definitely New York City's motto, BUT at least I was outside, talking to trendy people, and this was my office for the weekend...

So hey, Meatpacking District? I really can't complain! USA Networks is touring an event nationally that started in NYC on short films. Tony & Ridley Scott chose 8 up and coming directors to put together a piece, celebrating the diversity of the American character. The outcome of each piece is really great! Check them out if you have a few, by going to USA Networks Character Project. And BTW my absolute fav from the set was Perfect by Amie Steir, it takes an unexpected turn...that is hilarious!

Most creatively shot -The Fickle by Bryan Poyser 
this entire film was done in one continuous shot. Seriously!

So work hard, play hard, and see great films in the process.
Thanks USA Networks!

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