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Pourquoi Pas... Have Some Office Fashionspiration?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why not have some office inspiration? Correction. Fashionspiration! It is summer and its hot. This becomes a time of year that is rather hard to dress for the office because nothing comfortable inside (or professional for that matter) is comfortable outside. In fact, it all too often seems to be your demise as you sweat your way to the subway...or car.

Lucky for me, I finally work in fashion where my outfit below is totally legit and praised (ahhh finally) but I remember the conservative office I came from in Charlotte where it was hot as the dickens and they wanted you in a suit! umm no. Here is an easy office to outside wardrobe transition! A Blazer. The working girl's best friend. It is to a point of comical how almost anything, with a blazer added, can look professional.

For your conservative offices try a strapless jumpsuit or a breezy dress. Either way, with the blazer on in the office you are ready for business, but after you walk out those doors, the wayfarers can go on and the party can be started!

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