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Fashion DIY: Exercise Your Closet

Monday, July 11, 2011

That is right...I said exercise your closet, don't throw it away! If you are anything like me my dears, you have a closet and maybe dressers and storage boxes full of clothes! Do you wear them all? Yeah, me neither. That is where Fashion DIY becomes crucial!

Every season I try and weed through my addiction to pare down the fat which is a pretty daunting task...especially since I own many clothes that are too good to part with (from before I lost weight in France...and yes, I realize this is a good problem to have). Now that I find myself sans sewing machine in NYC (a fact that is killing me btdub) I can't actually fix these items, so they just sit there taking up very valuable Manhattan square footage. So what is Fashion DIY well its creating ways to upcycle your clothing, or shop in your own closet if you will!

Here's an easy fix that does not involve sewing skills or any real seamstress tools:

Color Dyeing
I recently bought a corset top from Forever 21 that I later gave me buyer's remorse (which is a sickness I almost never get). Of course when I tried to return said top...Forever 21 with their non-existent customer service policy, how very un-American, would not allow the brand new frock (that had not even left the bag) to be exchanged. So what was I to do? Dye it!!

Totally cute corset top...but in peach...which I later realize that under the my sheer summer tops, just looked like I was naked because it was the same color as my skin. Whoa! was I ever uncomfortable!

 1. Find the classic RIT dye at your pharmacy, in a color your choice (I happen to be a sucker for teal)

2. Mix (following package instructions) with water and bring to boil. 
3. Soak garment for instructed time. Note: more or less time should be altered for desired color. Looking for a pastel? Less. Deep jewel tone? More.

4. Thoroughly rinse and wash garment and allow to dry.

5. Style accordingly! 

And Voila! Fashion DIY at it's finest! Now my once bare-all corset top is a cute pop of color under my sheer summer pieces. Je l'adore! There is always a way to re-work your closet, you just have to get creative. Don't be afraid to play around with old pieces..try and wear them in unconventional ways, or dye them in the latest hot color. That Fashion DIY may just be the little CPR revival your wardrobe needed!

Go try your own Fashion DIY 
and report back!
Bonne chance mes cheris!

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