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Funny Fashion Friday

Friday, July 8, 2011

As much as I love fashion...and I mean REALLY LOOOOVE fashion, sometimes I do catch myself laughing out loud at some of the funny fashion that wind up on the racks or in the glossy spreads..ahem fun fur! I am a big believer in never taking oneself too seriously, life is meant to be enjoyed n'est-ce pas? This is one of the reasons I am a die hard groupie of Miss Leandra and her Man Repeller blog, anyone who has such a stellar sense of humor about fashion and can still embrace it all the more I tip my hat too...and add in a dramatic curtsy!

Today I got a big kick out of Jenine's post on the funny fashion of Gaga boots over at The Coveted!
It picked up my Friday and I wanted to spread the love...so enjoy her attempt at walking in these crazy heels and head on over to her lovely blog and be sure to say hello!

So what is your vote? 
Will you be sporting this funny fashion?

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